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General Locksmith Services

General Locksmith Services

Call a trusted local locksmith when you are locked out of your home

Regain access to your home or business

Until they do it, everyone is convinced that getting locked out of the house is something that only happens to other people. But, from that moment the door clicks closed with the keys still lying on the table in the hallway, somehow you’re locked out. We’ve got over twenty years of experience working as a locksmith, so we will get you back inside quickly.

Domestic Locksmith


Our range of domestic locksmith services extends beyond helping people who have locked themselves out. We can also update your locks and advise you on lock and key security measures.

Commercial Locksmith


Replacing a broken or forced lock is an urgent security concern for business owners.


No hidden fees

We always quote you a price for our general locksmith services. We are honest about our prices. Typically, we’ll charge you £57 for a callout during normal working hours. We’ll give you a quote for the whole job before we come out and that is what you’ll pay. There are no exorbitant first hour fees and, unless you want one for security reasons, you won’t have to fork out for a new lock – meaning it could be more cost-effective to use our services than to go with an ostensibly cheaper locksmith.