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Car Keys Services

Auto Locksmith

Auto locksmith supplying car key cutting and replacement car keys

Auto Locksmith

No forced entry

We guarantee that there will be no damage to your car. We will not force the lock, we will either pick the lock or provide you with a programmed replacement key. All the main car dealers know us and have used our services. We are even the go-to car locksmiths for the Automobile Association and the RAC when their own mechanics are unable to gain access to a car.

Guaranteed: no damage to your car. We don’t force locks. We either pick the lock or provide you with a programmed replacement key. We work with major car dealers as well as the AA and RAC.


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Car Keys

We can assist with replacement car keys for 99% of cars on the road including those manufactured by:

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Lockset Disclaimer

If you have lost your car keys, we always advise that you have the lockset for your vehicle changed or rekeyed. This is not compulsory, and will cost extra. However, in the event that your keys have been stolen, thieves could use them to steal your car if you choose not to rekey your locks when you get your keys replaced.

New Car Keys for Imported Cars

We are the only locksmith in the local area who can program replacement keys for imported cars. In many cases, even the local dealership for the car manufacturer will be unable to do this. We’ve replaced keys for owners of imported Nissans, Toyotas and a number of imported American cars.

Motorbike Keys

Motorbike Keys
Save At Least 50% On Dealer And Manufacturer Quotes

We are the only local auto locksmiths that also specialise in motorbike keys. Replacing motorbike keys is specialist work that we can undertake for you – at significantly cheaper rates than going to your bike’s dealership. We’d expect you to save at least 50% by using our services.

Prices vary by model, but start from £300
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