PT Lock & Safe
Service Pledge

Our 5-Step Customer Service Pledge

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Having built a reputation around honest application of our skills and fair pricing, we are obviously keen to maintain it. Understanding the issue allows us to provide an accurate price, but we’ve gone further and established this five-step customer service pledge so that people know exactly what to expect when they call PT Lock and Safe.

  1. 1. 24-Hour Callout

    Our locksmith services are available throughout Norfolk 24-hours a day. Whatever time of day you find yourself locked out of your house or car, a member of our team will come and help you.

  2. 2. Full Quotation

    Whatever price we quote you on the phone before we come out is the price that we will charge you. If a job is trickier or takes longer than we expected, we won’t charge you a penny extra.

  3. 3. Pick Before Drill

    We are proud of our lock-picking skills and we only drill as a last resort. If we have to drill out a lock and replace it to get you in, we will. But we’ll never charge you extra for having to replace a lock we can’t get into. And we’ll always have a thorough attempt to gain access with picks first.

  4. 4. Complete Service

    A skilled and experienced locksmith will arrive to help you in a sign-written vehicle. All of our work will be completed to the highest standards by polite and professional staff. You’ll only pay us when we have completed the job to your satisfaction and you are safely back in your house or car. There’ll be no hidden extras if a job takes longer than we expect it to.

  5. 5. The Final Five Minutes

    When we complete a job, we always take a few minutes to check that everything has been completed to our high standards and to make sure that we are leaving your property clean and tidy. We even bring our own vacuum cleaner! We believe that taking a few moments to run through a few checks and tidy up properly after ourselves sets us apart from the less professional “drill’em and bill’em” locksmiths.