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Audio Amplifier Used to Open Norwich Safe

03/05/2019 audio amplifier opens norwich safe

Cracking the pictured safe on a recent job in Norwich involved using an audio amplifier. Listening to the workings of a safe’s combination can impart a lot of information to the trained ear. That’s why historically the stethoscope was a crossover item between the toolkits of the cardiologist and the safecracker. The technology that we use to listen to safes has moved on from the traditional stethoscope – but the principle remains the same. 

Specialist Equipment

If the goal was simply to amplify sound, then that could be achieved fairly cheaply with a microphone and a set of headphones. However, we also need to cut out irrelevant noise and don’t want to damage our hearing with feedback, so we use specialist equipment. Using an audio amplifier specifically designed for the purpose of listening to the sounds of a locked safe, we were able to pick the lock and gain access for our client.

Do you have a safe that you can’t open or need repairs for a damaged safe? We can help. We also have a dedicated safe-moving van which we use for transporting large safes that may be too heavy for a conventional vehicle. 

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