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Classic Car Rescue in Blakeney, Norfolk

13/03/2019 Bristol 401

We had an emergency call come in last week from Blakeney on the north Norfolk coast. The gentleman had locked the key inside his 1953 Bristol 401 classic car with the engine running. 

Race Against Time

Old cars don’t survive well at a standstill with the engine running, as their cooling systems aren’t effective unless they're moving. We dropped everything and headed for the coast. From receiving the call to opening the car took just under an hour. Not a bad time, when you consider it’s a 54-minute drive from Norwich to Blakeney according to Google Maps! Fortunately, there was no damage done to the classic motor.

Bristol 401 

The Bristol 401 series was manufactured in the early 50s and is notable for having a concealed door handle! We were still able to gain entry without leaving a mark – which made for a very satisfied customer. 

Bristol 401 door open

Modern and Classic Cars 

We have all the technology needed to reprogram keys for modern cars, but our locksmiths are also skilled at opening traditional locks that would normally require the insertion of a key. Lockpicking is an artistic skill that takes a lot of training. If you have put a lot of time, money and love into your classic car, the last thing you want to see is a locksmith turn up with a drill.

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