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Narrow Confines: Tricky Safe Access in Norfolk

22/02/2022 phil opens underfloor safe in Norfolk

The life of a locksmith has its ups, downs, and occasional tight squeezes. In order to gain access to this underfloor safe in Norfolk, Phil had to climb into a tiny cupboard.

Quote from the day: “Good job it was before Christmas or I might not have fitted through the opening!” We’re saying nothing, Phil!

At PT Lock and Safe, we’ll always go the extra mile to help our customers regain access to their property, whether that be a car, a house or a safe.

Installing a safe (it doesn’t necessarily have to be hidden away like this underfloor one) is a great home security option if you are going to be storing valuables on your property. It takes great skill, years of training and the right tools and techniques to crack a safe. More effort than your average burglar is prepared to put in!

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