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Our ‘Pick Before Drill’ Promise

04/10/2018 lockpicking

At PT Lock and Safe, we believe that the integrity of a lock should be preserved if at all possible. That is why we will always attempt to pick a lock. We only use a drill as a last resort or in situations where the lock would have to be replaced anyway (for instance when there is a security implication to keeping the same lock).

Lockpicking Skills

When we pick a lock, we are drawing on ancient skills, a wealth of experience and a touch of intuition. Lockpicking is an artistic skill with a long apprenticeship. The specialist tools take a long time to master. No wonder many people who call themselves locksmiths turn up to a job armed only with a drill. By way of contrast, we are so confident in our lockpicking abilities that we will provide a replacement lock free of charge if we are forced to resort to the drill. 

Specialists in Safes

The most complex locks are often found in safes – the places where people’s most valuable assets are stored. Nevertheless, we will always attempt to pick a safe lock and we have not yet encountered a lock that we are unable to gain entry to. In addition to unlocking your safe, we have a dedicated van for transporting safes. For specialist work, we are prepared to travel far outside our usual Norfolk base – we recently undertook a job in Skegness!

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