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The Increase in Commercial Vehicle Crime

13/12/2018 commercial vehicle theft

What do you think is the most common way for a thief to gain access to a vehicle? Forcing the lock? Smashing the window? Interestingly, the use of force to access a vehicle illegally has declined in the last decade, despite a 56% increase in the amount of vehicle-related crime committed. Most thefts of vehicles or their contents are conducted by thieves entering through an unlocked door.

The Office of National Statistics reported in 2016 (the most recent year for which statistics are available):

“Entering the vehicle through an unlocked door has increased from occurring in around one in eight incidents to around one-half of incidents (13% in the year ending March 2006 and 43% in the year ending March 2016).”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of vehicle crimes are committed under cover of darkness:

“Typically, just under four-fifths of vehicle-related thefts took place during the evening or night (6pm to 6am) and just over one-fifth took place during the morning or afternoon (6am to 6pm).”

The most important security measure that you can introduce is to get a secure lock fitted to your commercial vehicle and ensure that you use it. An unsecured vehicle is an invitation to a thief who might spend the night trying handles to see which doors open to reveal an easy prize.

We Can Secure Your Vehicle

Using our services, fitting a deadlock to your van is a quick and affordable process. Investing in a deadlock now could prevent theft of your van or its contents. The locks we fit are all Thatcham-approved. We can come out to your premises and install the locks or, if you can come to our workshop, we’ll offer you a discount. We have staff available to fit locks at weekends if that is more convenient.

  • Thatcham-approved deadlocks – from £177
  • Thatcham-approved slamlocks – from £135

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