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Valentine’s Day: The Symbolism of Keys

14/02/2018 Happy Valentines Day!

It is said that: “True love tends to forget.” Those who remember every minor irritation, major disagreement and blazing row don’t stay lovers very long. Those with worse memories make better life partners. Happy Valentine’s Day from PT Lock & Safe. A locksmith may not be your first port of call when looking for a Valentine gift, but we are hoping that this blogpost on the symbolism of keys might make you think again!  

A Key to Your Heart

Keys open up areas that are otherwise inaccessible. They have long been a symbol of fidelity (perhaps due to a mediaeval association with lockable corsetry, but we’ll skip over that) expressed in the sentiment, “A key to your heart.” The symbolism is obvious. The holder of a key has access to a place that others cannot get into: the heart of a lover. In some cultures, a key charm or necklace is exchanged by lovers as a symbol of their love. A common Japanese charm is comprised of three keys joined together. The keys represent the unlocking of three virtues: wisdom, health and love. 

A Key to Your Car

For those whose lovers respond better to the practical than the romantic, how about programming a spare car key for your partner. What greater demonstration of trust can there be than a willingness to share wheels? Forget the tired looking forecourt roses and the hastily scribbled card. If you really want to show your partner how much you love them, visit your local locksmith!

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