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2000kg Safe Removal from King’s Lynn Bus Station

30/10/2018 safe storage at PT Lock and Safe

We’ve moved a lot of heavy safes in our time and each one has posed its own particular challenges. A recent job at King’s Lynn bus station involved manoeuvring a 2000kg safe that had probably been installed during the building’s construction. 

The company that employed our services was Stagecoach Group – the leading providers of public transport in the UK and North America. They are relinquishing the lease of the King’s Lynn premises and needed the safe removed as part of their lease agreement. There was no way of getting the two-ton safe down the stairs. 

From Rooftop to Ground Level

The safe was set into the wall as it had a rotary deposit drum. We took it out of the wall through 2 offices up a two-foot step to a fire exit door that led out onto a flat roof. We used Acrow props to ensure that the flat roof could take the additional weight. Then over to our colleagues at RJ Crane to do the lift from the roof to the ground. They used an 85-ton crane to move the safe from the roof to an area of the premises that we had cordoned off to protect the public.

Safe Removal Specialists

One of our vans has been specifically converted so that it can take the weight of some of the larger safes that we are asked to move.

If your building is undergoing renovations that may need to involve safe removal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have the experience, the contacts and the equipment to help you move even the largest of safes.  Call us on 01603 812613 or email us on

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