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Secondary Deadlock for Aluminium Doors in Cambridge


deadlock for closed aluminium door in cambridge

Cambridge is on the border of our regular call-out patch but, for specialist work, we don’t mind taking a trip further afield. In this instance, a pair of aluminium doors had caused a technical problem that needed an expert fix. So, the owner of the property called us in.

Power Failure

The pictured aluminium doors were originally operated solely by access control – which was fine as long as there was power. During a power cut, it was realised that two doors on the building could not be secured! The answer was to install a secondary deadlock that could be operated manually in the event of a power cut. 

deadlock for aluminium door in Cambridge

Working with Aluminium

Securing aluminium doors is specialist work. Not many locksmiths have the skills and equipment needed to fit locks to aluminium doors. Fortunately, our team have the necessary experience and we were happy to travel out to Cambridge to fix the problem. 

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