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How We Can Help You with Fire Doors

27/11/2018 fire doors

Landlords of residential and commercial properties are responsible for ensuring their tenants’ safety. As part of this responsibility, there is a legal requirement to ensure that the doors meet fire safety standards. Our experienced locksmiths can help with this in three ways.

The Integrity of Your Doors 

We can quickly assess the integrity of your doors and advise on whether you have the appropriate doors for the area of the building where they are located. This is particularly important in commercial buildings and between domestic and common areas of tenements and Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs), where landlords are responsible for ensuring that doors meet the correct fire safety standards.

Advice on Door Furniture 

Do you know the difference between a fire door and a fire exit? The names of these two doors may be very similar, but they have very different opening mechanisms and door furniture. We can advise on and install the correct furniture to make sure your doors open, close and lock in a manner that meets all legal requirements.

Installation of Fire Doors 

We have many contacts in the door manufacturing industry. If you require doors that meet all fire safety standards then we can put you in touch with contractors that will be able to supply and install the correct doors for your property.

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