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Help! I’ve Lost My Only Motorbike Key!

21/11/2019 motorbike ignition system lost key

Losing your only motorbike key can be an expensive and time-consuming mistake. There are dealerships that will charge upwards of £600 to replace the ignition system and order a replacement key that may not arrive for weeks. At PT Lock & Safe, we can provide you with a replacement key the same day that you contact us – and usually for less than half the price that your bike’s dealership will charge.

Why Do Dealerships Charge So Much?

Most modern bikes use a system called an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is actuated by an RFID key. Lose the key and the unit stops working. The dealership will insist on replacing the whole system. In some cases, it would honestly be cheaper to buy a new bike than to replace the ECU. You may also have to wait while the expensive parts are delivered from the country of manufacture.

PT Lock & Safe Solution

In many cases, it is possible to reprogram the ignition to accept a new key. This enables us to offer a significantly faster turnaround time – often the same day – at a fraction of the cost. If it is a model of bike that we have performed this trick on before, we will already have the software and can pass further savings on to the customer.

Get a Spare Key Cut Now

Prevention is cheaper than cure. Before you lose your only key, get a spare one programmed and put it in a safe place!

For significant savings on motorbike key replacements, contact PT Lock & Safe. You can call us on 01603 812613 or email us on

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