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Police Urge Norfolk Van Drivers to Upgrade Security

14/10/2019 tools in the back of a van

According to a report in the Eastern Daily Press last week, police are urging van owners to take extra security measures to protect their vehicles. A spate of incidents has been recorded, and the evidence points to a gang targeting rural areas. Reports of thefts of tools and equipment have been spreading slowly northwards from Essex, through Suffolk and have now reached south Norfolk.

Advice for Van Owners

Police are recommending that van owners should take the following action:

  • Where possible, remove your tools from your van to a secure garage or lock-up before parking up for the night.
  • To improve your chances of getting your tools back in the event of a theft, register them at
  • Write your contact details on your valuables with an ultra-violet pen. This helps police to identify the owner if they recover the stolen property.
  • Don’t rely on standard issue van locks. Speak to a reputable locksmith about getting extra security measures fitted.

At PT Lock & Safe, we fit secure Thatcham-approved van locks that will put off a criminal from attempting to burgle your van. 

Using our services, fitting a deadlock to your van is a quick and affordable process. Investing in a deadlock now could prevent theft of your van or its contents. We can come out to your premises and install the locks or, if you can come to our workshop, we’ll offer you a discount. We have staff available to fit locks at weekends if that is more convenient.

  • Thatcham-approved deadlocks – from £177
  • Thatcham-approved slamlocks – from £135

Take the advice of Norfolk police and increase the security on your van today. Call us on 01603 812613 or email

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Our colleagues at Hendy Car and Van Store have produced a very handy document called A Tradesman's Guide to Keeping Your Van Secure that goes into much more detail than we can in a short blog post.