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Lost or Stolen Car Keys - What Should You Do?

04/04/2018 Forgotten car keys.

Misplacing your set of keys can be an extremely stressful problem. You might ransack your own house looking for your car keys but, if they have been stolen, you’ll be wasting your time and your vehicle will be vulnerable to theft. So, what should you do if your suspect your car keys are lost or stolen?

What You Should Do

Here are some of the steps you should take to ensure the safety of your vehicle if you suspect your car keys have been stolen:

  • Secure your vehicle – Ensure that your vehicle is immobilised or secured. Some security websites recommend gaining access with your spare key and removing some spark plugs or attaching a steering lock. If possible, you could just block your car in with other vehicles until you have reprogrammed the lock.
  • Contact the police – If you are sure that your cars keys have been stolen, involve the police. Make a police report and try to think of anything that may be linked to the theft of your keys. Make sure you get a crime reference number as well, as this will help with your insurance claims later on.
  • Call an auto locksmith –  Expert auto locksmiths like ourselves will be able to gain access to your car again and reprogram the locking mechanism so that the stolen key will no longer work. We are also able to cut you replacement keys quickly, giving you access to your vehicle and providing it with security.
  • Call your insurance providers – You should check with your insurance providers if you are covered for the cost of replacing/reprogramming the locks of your car. Insurance policies vary, so check the terms and conditions of your policy. You may also be able to make a claim with your warranty provider or your breakdown cover provider, making checking the policies important. 

How We Can Help

We have over 20 years of experience working as locksmiths in Norfolk. In this time, we have been called out to many car owners who have misplaced their keys or suspect that they have been stolen. We are experienced auto locksmiths and we guarantee that there will be no forced entrance into your car if the keys turn out to be locked inside. We can provide you with new car door keys for as little as £25.00, car remote keys from £87.00 and standard car keys cut and programmed from only £57.00.

We know the dangers that lost keys can put your assets in and we can assist you with the replacement of car keys for around 99% of cars on the road. Also, unlike other companies within our industry, there are no hidden or first hour fees when you use our services, just an upfront quote that covers the whole call out.

Stolen car keys? We can help, call us on 01603 812613 or email us on

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