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Our Emergency Services Are Available Throughout the Jubilee

30/05/2022 flappy bunting union flag

Congratulations to our sovereign on making it to 70 years on the British throne. Long may she reign over us! Not sure if the Queen has ever locked or unlocked her own door - surely she has someone to do that for her? - but if she had, she would have seen a lot of changes in the way locks operate between ascending the throne in 1952 and celebrating her Platinum Jubilee.

The government is celebrating the Queen’s incredible achievement by granting the Great British public an extra long four day bank holiday weekend. Our staff are royalists to a man (when there’s a bank holiday to be had) so we’ll be closing the workshop from 5pm Wednesday June 1st and reopening Monday morning (June 6th).

However, throughout the bank holiday all of our emergency services will still be available. So if you find yourself locked out of your home, call PT Lock & Safe on 01603 812613 and we’ll get you safely back inside away from all those street parties.