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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Doorlock for Your Home

11/07/2022 mortice lock mechanism

We thought we’d write a few notes about doorlocks for people who are fitting new doors or thinking about upgrading their home’s security. There are a lot of brands out there but only a few basic types of lock in regular use for homes that require standard security. These are the three main factors we think you need to take into account when choosing a doorlock.

What type of door do you have?

Exterior doors tend to be timber, uPVC, aluminium, steel or composite (some combination of the above materials). Timber doors typically have a nightlatch and a three or five lever mortice deadlock as they are not suitable for multi-point locking mechanisms. uPVC and metal doors will usually feature a Euro cylinder attached to a multi point locking system.

What type of building do you live in?

Homes with doors that open onto the street and apartments that share an access hallway with neighbours have different security and safety requirements. Is it more important to keep intruders out or to have easy egress in the event of a fire? Your choice of doorlocks may reflect your own feelings in these matters. 

Will my new doorlock keep prospective thieves out?

The doorlock hasn’t been invented that will keep out the most determined burglar. But remember most thieves are opportunists - and if your doorlock has been designed to slow them down, they may choose to look for an easier target.

There are all sorts of brands on the market that advertise themselves as burglarproof, but we would always recommend checking that the doorlock you choose has met the BS3621 standard. These are doorlocks that meet the British Standards Institute criteria for thief-resistance. 

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