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Our Spare Key Same Day Service

15/08/2019 Spare car key

At PT Lock & Safe, a significant number of enquiries come our way regarding the repair of broken car keys and replacement of car keys that may have been lost or stolen. The amount of this work that we do on a weekly basis has been increasing as word gets out that our key cutting and programming service is cheaper and faster than going to a main dealership.

Save Time and Money

The truth of the matter is: coming to us will save you time and money. We can supply you with a working vehicle key on the same day, often for less than half the cost your local dealership would charge. Say you needed a replacement key and you went to e.g. Mercedes. You would need to prove you owned the van, pay top price for your order of a new key, and wait up to a week for the key to arrive from Germany. 

Same Day Service

We can typically supply you with a replacement key in under three hours. The new key has to be programmed with the password, this can be done diagnostically over the internet or by manually accessing the password from the chip in the ignition switch. We can perform this service in our workshop, or we can come out to you (if you can’t move your car because you have lost the key)! That’s our spare key same day service.

If you want a faster, cheaper, better service from an auto locksmith that can come to you, call PT Lock & Safe on 01603 812613.