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A Busy Week for Safecracking in Norwich

02/07/2019 nightclub safe locked

Safe opening jobs can be like the proverbial London buses that all turn up at once. Back in May, we got three in the space of two days. We’ve already shared the story of how we used an audio amplifier to crack the code on a locked safe in Norwich. Here are the stories behind the other two safes we cracked in a busy week for safecracking.

Nightclub Safe

A busy Norwich nightclub would not have been be able to trade with their safe locked shut due to mechanical failure. We were able to gain entry to the safe and make a temporary repair while we waited on an order for a crucial part. One very relieved and happy nightclub manager and, by extension, hundreds of happy clubbers whose favourite venue was able to open that night.

nightclub safe open

Curiosity Opened the Safe

Our customer bought a house and discovered the previous occupants had left their locked safe behind in the basement with no clue as to what the combination might be. After a while, curiosity got the better of the homeowner and they called us in. As expected, there were no valuables inside, but they now have a fully functioning safe!

basement safe

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