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Putting Professional Lock Picks to Good Use

08/03/2018 Some of our antique safes.

There are few tasks with a more satisfying outcome than picking the lock of a safe. There’s something special about hearing the lock click into place then being able to twist and swing open the door. We always use professional lock picks to gain entry to any safe or lock. Forcing entry is our last resort and today, we will be talking about why we pick locks rather than drill them open. 

Picking Vs Drilling 

Unlike other locksmiths, we won’t just rock up to your house, drill in hand then break the lock, charging you for the replacement. We will always use our picking skills first, only resorting to using a drill if there are security implications which mean you will need a new lock anyways, or if we can’t pick the lock, which has yet to happen. We are so confident in our lockpicking abilities that, if we can’t open you lock with lock picks, we’ll replace it free of charge.


Some of the most complex locking systems are found on safes and they come in all shapes, sizes and conditions. Keys get lost. If you find yourself in this situation, we could be your new best friends. We will open your safe without damaging its mechanism and we are still yet to find a safe we can’t unlock. If you have just bought a lovely antique safe, you won’t want it being ruined by drilling.

Why Choose Us

On top of our lock picking abilities, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We have built an honest reputation over the years, something we are determined to maintain. To help us maintain our high standards, we developed our 5-step customer service pledge, allowing our customers to know exactly what they can expect when you call us.

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