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What Are Thatcham Approved Locks and Why Are They Important?

02/03/2018 Fitting our Thatcham approved van deadlocks.

Times have changed since the late 1980s, when car locks were as easy to pick as a birthday card in a supermarket for experienced car thieves. Nowadays, car security is much higher tech, with more successful technology being developed every year. When it comes to this topic, no name is as synonymous with car security as Thatcham, and in this blog, we will be talking about what Thatcham approved locks are and what being approved by them means.

Who Are Thatcham?

Thatcham Research are the motor insurer’s automotive research centre, based in Thatcham, Berkshire. Since 1969, they have been aiming to reduce the cost of motor insurance claims whilst also maintaining safety standards. In the late 80s, the insurance industry was growing tired of having to replace stolen Vauxhall Belmonts and Astras. So much so, the government approached Thatcham and tasked them with outlining guidelines for car manufacturers, which would improve the effectiveness and reliability of car security devices.

This was the birth of the various different categories of Thatcham alarms, which have gone on to revolutionise the car security industry. These locks effectively killed off joyriding, which was once a major problem here in the UK.

What Does It Mean to Be Thatcham Approved?

Here at PT Lock & Safe, we have a variety of different types of van locks available that are approved by Thatcham. Having your products approved by Thatcham is very important as, without Thatcham approved locks, tools and other equipment stored in vans may not be insured because vans are not secure by themselves. 

Having Thatcham approved products will reduce your insurance premiums and help to deter thieves and stop opportunists gaining access to your van and the equipment within it.

Our Thatcham Approved Products

Here are our Thatcham approved products:

  • Deadlocks – Deadlocks are mechanical devices that are fitted to a vehicles door once it’s already come off of the production line. When the key is turned in its lock, a bolt is thrown into a receiver that’s fitted to the opposing body section of the vehicle. Once locked, they are near impossible to break, hence the Thatcham approval.
  • Slamlocks – Slamlocks are simpler than deadlocks but just as effective. Unlike deadlocks where you have to actually lock the device, Slamlocks make sure the door automatically locks as soon as the door is shut.  

We can fit both of these security devices, with Slamlocks costing just £135 and deadlocks costing £177. We also offer a discount if you bring your van to us, although we are of course happy to come to you.

Want to reduce your insurance premiums? Consider having our Thatcham approved locks fitted to your vehicle. Call us on 01603 812613 or email us on

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