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Replacement Keys for Mercedes Vehicles

07/06/2018 Mercedes Benz logo.

As auto locksmiths, a large part of our service includes fixing broken and replacing lost vehicle keys. If you have ever found yourself in a similar situation with your car or van keys, you’ll know how stressful it can be. In recent months, we have noticed a large number of Mercedes drivers coming to us and requesting replacement keys for their vehicles. While it is surprising to have so many customers with the same brand of vehicles request our service, when you look into it further it becomes clear why. 

PT Lock & Safe vs Mercedes 

The simple fact of it is, we provide the same services as the Mercedes but at a cheaper price and in much less time. If you wanted a spare key cut and you went to Mercedes, you would have to give proof of ownership for the vehicle, order the key (which will be expensive) and then wait for the key to arrive which could be anytime between 2 and 7 days. 

In comparison, customers can come to us for spare keys and we will produce the key the same day. This process can take between 20 minutes and 3 hours, with 1 hour being the usual time taken to complete. The reason this process can vary in length is because we need to gain the password to programme the key. We do this diagnostically over the internet or we can manually extract the password from the chip in the switch. 

Another major issue with Mercedes vehicles is one we have talked about recently – damaged ignition switches. If the switch stops working, you won’t be able to drive your car or van and it will have to be replaced. This is an expensive process if you go straight to Mercedes, often costing in excess of £620. We can do it for half that.

Our Prices

Here’s what we charge for Mercedes keys and ignition:

  • Spare car keys – £200 (VAT included)
  • Spare van keys – £170 (VAT included)
  • Replacement van and car keys – £250 (VAT included, Price paid by those in the Norwich area)
  • New ignition and programmed vehicle keys – £ 310

If you want a faster, cheaper, better service from an auto locksmith that can come to you, call PT Lock & Safe on 01603 812613.

We’d be interested to hear from mechanics and dealerships that work with Mercedes vehicles – perhaps we can do you a deal?