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Steer Well Clear of Rip-Off Rogue Locksmiths

13/05/2021 man locked out of home

People who found themselves locked out during lockdown were able to call on our key workers to help them out of a spot of bother. But some criminal locksmiths saw this as an opportunity to make a quick buck out of vulnerable people.

Locked Out in London

One story reported in the Daily Mirror and elsewhere told of a woman in London who got locked out of her flat. She was quoted £200 for the latch to be replaced - steep even by London prices - but was then presented with a bill for £1465 for the 30 minute job! 

Reasonable Price?

The Master Locksmith Association (quoted in the article) said that given this was an emergency night-time callout then a reasonable fee might have been around the £250-350 mark. We still think that is too much, we'd charge around £75 for a simple lock replacement. With the help of Citizens’ Advice Bureau the lady who had been overcharged was able to get an offer of a £125 (+VAT) refund from the rogue company who have yeti to return even this paltry sum.

How to Choose a Genuine Locksmith

It can be hard for someone who doesn’t know the industry and who has never used a locksmith before to tell the genuine article from the rogue trader. We always say: look for prices on the website and independent testimonials on e’g. Google or Facebook. If customers have had a bad experience or feel ripped off, they are seldom shy about saying so! And satisfied customers who have received a good service at a fair price will often let people know too.

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