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Successful Safecracking Job Near Attleborough

20/05/2021 safe cracked in attleborough

One of the most satisfactory jobs in locksmithing is being called out to a locked safe that needs opening. You never know quite what to expect or what tools and techniques are going to be required. One recent job took us south-west of our Norwich huib to a private home near Attleborough. 

The gentleman’s wife had passed away unexpectedly, and she was the only one who knew the combination to the safe. Presented with a locked safe that he could no longer use, he called PT Lock and Safe to see if we could pick the lock without damaging it, so he could see what was inside and continue using the safe.

The safe was a classic Chubb Renown. An extremely reliable and well-built safe that provides great security for valuables. To gain access, we drilled a hole through the side of the safe, through the door and hardened steel baffle plate. Using a scope we were able to see the mechanism at work and calculate the numbers at that point. We were then able to transpose the numbers to the opening mark - giving us the combination!

If we make it sound easy - don’t worry! We can assure you that it isn’t. It takes great skill, years of training and the right tools and techniques to crack a safe. More effort than your average burglar is prepared to put in! And the process (including drilling through a baffle plate) is very noisy.

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