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Van Locks for Campervans and Motorhomes

05/07/2021 Motorhome parked by lake

If you own a campervan or motorhome you should consider fitting a quality van lock to deter theft of the van or its contents. As perhaps you’d expect, we chiefly do van locks for trade vehicles that have valuable tools inside, but the same security locks can and should be used to protect campervans and motorhomes.

With many people still uncertain about taking holidays abroad due to worries over Covid-19 or possible quarantine restrictions upon returning, it looks like a summer of staycationing and UK-based holidays is upon us. Campervans are a happy medium for those that want to stay on a campsite, but want more of the comforts of home than a tent offers.

2020 saw an increase in demand for luxury campervans - the average value for motorhomes is around £25,000 and campervans around £14,000, but high end or vintage versions can be worth £100,000+. There was also an increase in insurance claims for theft of these vehicles. Wherever you are storing your campervan - don’t make it an easy target for thieves.

Fitting security devices such as trackers, alarms and proper secure locks for doors and windows deters thieves and could also reduce your insurance premiums. 

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