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Thefts from Trade Vans – Jeremy Vine Show Discussion

22/03/2018 Installing Thatcham approved van security.

The Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 is a radio show that often divides opinion. Mr Vine talks about many different issues that are in the news. One topic last week was thefts from trade vans. Something we spend a good proportion of our working lives trying to prevent. In the segment, tradespeople from across the country commented on the topic. Today, we will be talking about the show and how you can stop yourself from becoming another statistic in thefts from trade vans. 

Thefts from Trade Vans 

The theft of tools from trade vans is an epidemic that has been a problem for years now. Sadly, as van security increased the cunningness and effort put in by the thieves also increased. In the show, Jeremy Vine said that in one year, 22,749 thefts of tools from vans were reported, this is equal to around 90 van break ins every day – a fact that wasn’t surprising to the callers who featured on the show. 

The first caller to the show, who also happens to run the DIY Doctor website, explained that many of the tools stolen from vans are found being sold in pubs. He also agreed that theft from vans is becoming a much greater problem. His company has to park their vehicles on site in order to receive insurance. The second caller to the show was a carpenter who had £4,000 worth of tools stolen and lost the no-claims bonus on his insurance. He found what he believed were his tools on eBay and reported the crime to the police, but due to the sheer amount of crimes of this nature they didn’t have time to check the listings. 

Many of the stolen tools are sold at car boot sales and a skeleton key costing only £20 is believed to be behind many of the crimes. 

Preventing Yourself from Becoming a Statistic 

Here at PT Lock & Safe, we are experts at fitting Thatcham approved slamlocks and deadlocks to trade vans. The average value of equipment stored in vans is around £7000, so having these devices fitted to your van is a necessity. Thieves know they can target trade vans and steal valuables, but with a slam or dead lock fitted to your van, the risk of this actually happening is minimal, having them fitted may also reduce your insurance premiums. We can fit the locks at weekends and we are also able to travel to you to fit them, however we offer a discount when you travel to us.

Find out more about our Thatcham-approved van locks.

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