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Use Deadlocks to Prevent Thieves from Breaking into Your Van

23/05/2023 locking mechanism cut out and discarded

Tradespeople who own a van know how important it is to keep it secure. A van is so much more than a means of transportation, it is essential to the worker’s livelihood. And if you store your tools, equipment and goods in it, then losing them to theft can have devastating consequences for your business.

According to research by insurance firm AXA, a van gets broken into every 23 minutes in  the UK. With the average cost of van contents running into thousands of pounds and the resulting downtime amounting to further losses in the hundreds every day your van is off the road,that's a lot of money and time that could potentially be wasted for want of the expense of fitting an additional lock.

Use additional locks

One of the easiest ways to deter thieves is to use additional locks on your van doors. The standard locks that come with most vans are not enough to stop determined criminals who use simple tools such as pliers and wrenches to bypass them. They even cut out the whole mechanism, leaving a gaping hole in your door and the van handle on the ground as in the picture above.

That's why you need to upgrade your van security with deadlocks. Deadlocks are mechanical locks that are fitted to the door and the body of the van. They are operated by a separate physical key, and they cannot be opened by force or by manipulating the original lock.

Deadlocks provide an extra layer of protection for your van, making it harder for thieves to access your valuable contents. They also act as a visible deterrent, as thieves will know that they will have to spend more time and effort to break into your van. No defence is 100% effective - but why would a thief chance getting caught spending ages breaking into a deadlocked van when there will be less secure targets they can break into in seconds?

"Park smart"

Choose a well-lit, busy and secure location for your van, preferably with CCTV cameras or security guards. Avoid dark alleys, isolated areas or places with poor visibility. If possible, park your van next to a wall or another vehicle to prevent thieves from accessing the side door. 

Remove valuables

The best way to prevent thieves from stealing your tools or goods is to remove them from your van whenever possible. Don't leave anything valuable in your van overnight or when you are not using it. Store your tools and equipment in a secure place such as your home, garage or workshop.

If you must leave anything in your van, make sure it is not visible from the outside. Use curtains, blinds or covers to hide your contents from prying eyes. You can also use large lockable tool boxes or cabinets inside your van to store items in units that are too heavy to remove easily.

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