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We Always Attempt to Pick a Lock

17/11/2017 Door being picked

There are locksmiths who only take one tool when they answer a callout. They will drill out your lock and charge you for a replacement. At PT Lock and Safe, we believe in preserving the integrity of a lock where possible. That’s why we will always attempt to pick a lock and only drill as a last resort or where security implications mean that you will require a new lock anyway.

The Skill of Lockpicking

There’s a real skill to picking a lock. Using a variety of specialist tools, a touch of intuition and a wealth of experience, we can access almost any lock. We are proud of these skills and we are one of the only locksmiths in Norfolk that still practise them. We are also very confident of our skills. If we can’t pick your lock and we have to use the drill. We will not charge you for the replacement lock.

A Useful Tool

We don’t want to disparage the drill here. It is a useful tool and can be the fastest way to regain access to your home or vehicle. However it is only one tool in a professional locksmith’s armoury. Generally, we will drill out a lock in circumstances where the customer is likely to need it to be replaced anyway. For instance, when secure access to a commercial building has been compromised.

Safe Specialists

For obvious reasons, some of the most complex locking systems are found on safes. Nevertheless, we will always attempt to pick the lock. We have yet to be denied access to one! As well as unlocking your safe, we have a specialist van for transporting safes so we can assist you with installation.

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