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What is the best combination for a safe?

05/03/2024 best safe combination

Obviously, we can't just tell you specific combinations to use - that would defy the whole point of having a secure combination that only you know! However we can offer some valuable advice on avoiding easily guessable combinations for your safe. As these are prime targets for anyone attempting unauthorised access.

Here are our key tips for setting a secure combination:

  • Avoid personal information: Steer clear of direct use of birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers. These are obvious guesses for anyone who knows you.
  • Ditch patterns and sequences: Don't choose consecutive numbers (1234), repeating digits (1111), or keyboard patterns (top row, diagonals).
  • Mix it up: Use a combination of high and low numbers.
  • Keep it memorable: Choose a combination you'll remember easily, but avoid writing it down or sharing it with anyone.
  • Make use of a memorable number by converting it using a cypher. Take your phone number and add ‘1’ to every digit, or enter the digit to the right of your anniversary numbers on the keypad.

Ultimately, the best combination is one that strikes the perfect balance between memorability and security. It should be something you can recall readily, yet complex enough to deter anyone attempting to guess it. 

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