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What Type of Safe Do I Need?

23/05/2024 safes in a lock up

Protecting valuable assets is paramount for home and business owners in Norwich. When it comes to securing sensitive data, protecting valuables or even (here in rural Norfolk) securing legal firearms, a high-quality safe can provide invaluable peace of mind.

Understanding Safe Functionality

Selecting the optimal safe hinges on a couple of factors, namely: the specific items you wish to secure and what you wish to protect them from. Happily, safe categories also take their naming conventions from these factors, as we’ll see from these bullet points listing common safe categories and their functionalities.

  • Fire Safes. Safes engineered to protect their contents from the extreme temperatures generated in a building fire. If you are storing irreplaceable documents, or paper copies of financial records, a fire safe is an essential investment. 
  • Data Safes. Increasingly, paper records are being replaced by digital ones. Sensitive media like floppy discs and cassettes have been superseded by external hard drives and USB storage devices, but these still need protection from threats such as fire, flood, and burglary.
  • Gun Safes. Responsible gun ownership and firearm safety starts with sensible storage. Gun safes are constructed from robust steel and have advanced locking mechanisms to prevent anyone but the licensed owner laying their hands on the weapon. 
  • Jewellery Safes. These safes come with a rating of 0-7 (7 being the most secure). Sometimes you will see a cash rating - indicating the amount of cash or worth of valuables that can be stored in a safe with that rating. 0 is equivalent to a cash rating of £6000, 7 is equivalent to a cash rating of £250,000.
  • Waterproof Safes. Equipped with watertight seals, waterproof safes are designed to shield vulnerable documents, electronics, and other valuables from short-lived minor floods, sprinkler malfunctions, or environmental factors. No safe is completely waterproof - if fully submerged, the contents will likely receive some water damage.

PT Lock & Safe recognises that every individual’s or business’s security needs are unique.  Our team of professional locksmiths can advise on the ideal safe for your specific requirements. We take pride in providing comprehensive service, including expert installation, for a complete and secure solution. 

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