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What is the most secure type of front door lock?

09/10/2023 secure front door lock

The most secure type of front door lock will depend on a few different factors. The answer will be different depending on the type of door you want to lock and also the type of building that you live in.

Door Type

There are three main types of front entrance door, as classified by the materials that they are constructed from, so it is important to take this into account when selecting a lock. Wooden doors will require different locks compared to uPVC or Composite doors. It is pretty standard for most wooden doors to have at least two locks fitted - typically some kind of latch and a mortice lock and sometimes a plain deadbolt as well for added security. Whereas, composite and uPVC doors will typically have a Euro cylinder multi point locking system down the closing edge.

Building Type 

A door lock on the front door of a flat or apartment (or other dwelling with a single exit) will have different escape requirements compared to a domestic house lock. The Master Locksmiths Association recommends that keyed egress locks (locks where you require a key to enter or exit the locked door) should not be used for single exit apartments. This is a fire safety precaution allowing a faster exit in an emergency.

The most secure door lock will be one that is appropriate for your door and building and always choose one that has been independently tested (e.g. by British Standard) with the correct egress requirements followed. Read the Master Locksmiths Association guide to British Standard Locks on their website.

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