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Can Heavy Keychains Damage Your Vehicle’s Ignition?

17/05/2018 Person inserting car keys into vehicles ignition.

Keyrings have a very important role in everyday life, holding people’s keys and keeping them safe in people’s pockets. However, keyrings can hold much more than just keys. It’s unremarkable to see a clutch of key fobs, supermarket points cards, Lego figures, trolley tokens and holiday mementos from your estranged aunt who means well. Today, we’ll be examining the truth in the rumour that heavy key chains can potentially cause damage to your car’s ignition. 

Old Wives’ Tale or Truth?

A multitude of keys on your keyring can actually cause damage to your vehicles ignition. The weight of a cluttered key ring – coupled with how gravity works – can weigh down a vehicles ignition which could cause the ignition to fail.

The weight of the keyring pulling down on the ignition can cause the barrels inside the ignition lock to wear down. Once these internal parts wear down you might start to experience problems with your ignition. 

Our Auto Locksmith Services

We are highly experienced auto locksmiths. We can help you regain access to your vehicle, cut new car keys and replace old car keys. We can also remove and replace your vehicle’s ignition should you have damaged it with an overloaded keyring.  

PT Lock & Safe are used by the RAC when their own mechanics are unable to gain access to a car in our catchment area.

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