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Prevent Theft – Get Thatcham-Approved Van Security Locks Fitted

23/05/2018 Installing a dead lock into a trade van.

Theft from trade vans is a serious problem that affects tradespeople. You can prevent yourself from becoming another theft statistic by having van security locks fitted to your vehicle. Thieves wanting to make quick money often target unsecured vans, stealing the tools inside and selling them on. This can leave businesses without any tools to complete their work and can essentially leave tradespeople without any means to earn their money. 

What is a Deadlock? 

A deadlock is a mechanical device that is fitted to vehicles once it has come off of the production line. They are fitted in the door of the vehicle and once the key turns in the lock, a bolt is thrown into a receiver that’s fitted onto the opposite section of the vehicle. Once this lock is in place, they’re incredibly hard to break through and will prevent opportunist thieves from accessing your vehicle and stealing your tools.

Deadlocks come in a number of different types, and are available in either T and S locks. The lock best suited to your vehicle will depend on your specific requirements, budget and your vehicle itself. We supply Thatcham-approved deadlocks which are among the best on the market.

Having Deadlocks Fitted to Your Vehicle 

To ensure that the lock is fitted and will work correctly, it is important you have it fitted by experts. Installing the lock yourself can cause major damage to your vehicle’s door and can leave a van even more vulnerable to thieves. Having a deadlock fitted to your vehicle is a quick and affordable process and investing in a deadlock now could save your valuable tools. Deadlocks will prevent future break-ins and will stop any thefts which could have a serious impact on the profits of your business.

We have both Thatcham-approved slamlocks and deadlocks and we are happy to install them in your vehicle. We can come out to your premises and install the locks or you can come to our workshop and we will install the locks and offer you a discount. We are able to install them on weekends if it is more convenient for you.

Our prices are as follows:

  • Thatcham-approved deadlocks - £177
  • Thatcham-approved slamlocks - £135

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