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The Dangers of DIY Locksmith Jobs

17/04/2018 The damage caused by a botched DIY job.

Locksmith services are not suited to DIY. The unqualified should never work on a lock unsupervised. Expertise takes years to build up and a lot of expensive damage can be caused by amateurs attempting jobs that require a professional touch. Should you have an issue that requires a locksmith, you should always go to the professionals rather than risk botching a DIY job. 

Risks of DIY Locksmith Jobs 

Here are three risks you’ll be facing by attempting a DIY locksmith job:

  • Damaged equipment – The equipment we use is often expensive, buying your own and not knowing how to use it correctly can lead to you damaging the equipment.
  • Security risk – If you don’t know what you are doing you could damage the locks and make your property vulnerable. Fiddling with locking mechanisms may invalidate your insurance.
  • Vehicle theft – Trying to fit a dead or slam lock on your vehicle without the necessary expertise can result in you causing lots of damage to the vehicle. Incorrectly installed van locks may not work and will leave your van vulnerable to thieves.
The damage caused to the van door by the failed DIY job.

An Example of a Botched DIY Job 

In the case of this botched job, the customer decided to fit the locks to his van himself. As you can see, he made a bit of a hash of it and ended up causing damage to his vehicle. Instead of having the locks installed by us, the customer decided to try and install the locks himself, only coming to us when he wanted us to finish off the job. However, the damage he had caused to his door was significant and he ended up needing a new door for the van.

While the customer thought that he was doing the right thing, it ended up being an expensive mistake to make and highlights the importance of going to the experts when you have an issue that only a locksmith can resolve. 

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