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Combination Locks for Mailboxes

27/04/2018 The combination locks we installed.

Recently, we were asked to install combination locks onto the mailboxes in the lobby of an apartment building in Norwich, replacing the key and lock system that was previously in place. In this blog, we will be talking about the job and why combination locks are such a good choice for residential buildings.

The Job 

We commonly work with landlords, ensuring their premises are secure and helping them with any issues that may arise with their properties. We were called out to the apartments in the city and tasked with replacing the locks improved the security of the mailboxes significantly.

We replaced the lock and key systems that were already in place on the mailboxes. Combination locks that can be reset make perfect sense for apartment blocks where there are high numbers of tenants living and moving in and out.

The Benefits of Combination Locks

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing combination locks in apartment buildings:

  • No keys required – While they are a highly effective form of security, keys can be a bit of a headache for landlords. Tenants losing keys or keeping them when they move out are common issues for landlords, issues that combination locks eliminate.
  • Ease of use – The three-digit code that is used in the combination lock is unique to every person, improving security. The codes can also be changed at any time, which is ideal for apartment buildings with new tenants regularly moving in.
  • Reliable system – Combination locks have been used for literally hundreds of years, with the first known lock excavated from a Roman period tomb. They are a proven method and are a good option for improving security. 

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